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      Blood Transfusion Institute of Serbia, Svetog Save 39 Open from Monday to Friday, 7 - 19h, Saturday 8 -15hTransmobile at the Republic Square, Belgrade, every day except Sunday, 11 to 17 hEmergency Center – Voluntary blood donation unit, every day except Sunday, 9 to 16 h
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    • Professional education and Training

      Responsibilities and tasks of the Scientific Research and Education Service make up a significant part of the activities of the BTIS including:Scientific research activities Education activities Professional training Scientific research work at the BTIS includes activities significant for the BTIS and the Republic of Serbia as a whole. Its objective is to improve the activities of the BTIS in the framework of blood transfusion, related with the implementation of new methods in routine practice, improvement of the production processes, acquiring new knowledge in domain of transfusion medicine and associated medical disciplines. In accordance with the Act on Scientific Research Activities of the Republic of Serbia, health care professionals at the BTIS acquire academic qualifications and gain opportunities to take aprt in the projects financed by the Ministry of Science of the Republic of Serbia, depending on the scientific competence of each candidate. Besides possibility of participation in the projects financed by the Government of Serbia, internal projects are designed and carried out within the BTIS, significant for the improvement of blood transfusion service. Educational Activities at the BTIS are performed in compliabce with the legal regulations, BTIS Statute, Contracts signed by the BTIS and other educational institutions (Medical Faculty, University of Belgrade, Nurses and Technicians College and Secondary Medical School) and on the Decree of the Academic Council of the Faculty of Pharmacy and the Medical Academy, Belgrade, based on the decision made by the BTIS Stirring Committee.
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  • Laboratory Services at the BTIS

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    Information for the customers of the BTIS services

    Institute provides health care services (Info tel: 011/ 3812-839, 3812-752) from the field of work BTIS is in charge of, to all persons insured by the Republic of Serbia Health Care Insurance Fund (RSHCIF) based on the referral issued by the primary health care physician (attending physician), approved by the RSHCIF commitiy of the corresponding branch only for those who live outside Belgrade, based on certified health card, i.e. document which proves the status of the insured patient. 


    Patients rights

    Patients, users of services of the BTIS  who have complaints abd remarks can file a complaint which may refer to:  

    • the quality of the healt care service
    • procedure related with the health care service
    • ways of making the payment of the health care service
    • hygiene
    • organisation of the health care service
    • waiting time preceding the health care service
    • other

    Complaint is made in writteh form and is submitted to the BTIS jurist, Ljiljana Stakić, Legal Affairs Unit of the BTIS, Svetog Save Street 39, Beograd, from 10-12 hrs.

    Patients` rights protector is in charge of providing legal advice, finding solutions for certain misunderstandings and assessment of the merits of the filed complaint. 

    Term for answering to complaints is 5 days. Unsatisfied patients can adress the Ministry of Health in the written form, Nemanjina Street 22-26, Beograd.


    Participation payment is regulated by the Regulations on the content and framework of rights to the health care and protection within the mandatory health care insurance and participation in 2007  (Official gazette of the Republic of Serbia, No 1/2007). Health catre and protection which is provided for from the means of the mandatory health care insurance requiring participation payment at the BTIS include:

    • Medical check up and treatment by the MD specialist, 50 dinars
    • All laboratory services with the attending physician`s  referral, 50 dinara

    Regarding the activities and tasks of the BTIS and the above mentioned Regulations, the following patients do not pay participation:

    1. military war invalids and civilian war invalids
    2. the blind and permanently paralized (handicapped) persons entitled to financial compensation intended for providing necessary care and assistance
    3. voluntary blood donors who donated blood over 10 times
    4. voluntary blood donors who donated blood less than 10 times within 12 monts following each blood donation
    5. children up to 15, elementary, secondary and university students during regular education, up to 26 years at the most
    6. women engaged in family planning, during pregnancy, delivery and maternity leave up to 12 months following the child birth
    7. persons above the age of 65
    8. persons with some kind of invalidity and insufficiently developed persons
    9. persons treated for HIV infection and other infectious diseases, persons with malignancies, haemophilia, diabetes, psychosis, epilepsy, MS, persons in terminal stages, having renal failure, cystic fibrosis, systemic autoimmune diseases, rheumatic fever,  persons with various addictions, sick and injured persons during the emergency medical treatment, as well as persons covered by the health care protection in domain of donation and transplantation of organs and tissues
    10. monks and nuns
    11. financialy unprovided persons receiving welfare according to corresponding regulations refering to the protection of military and civilian war invalids
    12. welfare users and those entitled to accommodation in social care establishments or other in families, according to social protection regulations
    13. unemployed persons and other categories of socially endangered persons whose monthly income is below the income determined by the regulations
    14. welfare users – family members whose providers are in the military service
    15. Roma nationality members without permanent residence in Serbia because of the tradiotional way of life
    16. persons having the status of refugees according to the corresponding regulations, i.e. displaced persons from ex Yugoslavia Republics,  if they are in compliance with the conditions stipulated by the regulations and if they have permanent residence on the territory of Serbia
    17. temporarily displaced persons from  Kosovo and Metohija, whose status was determined by the corresponding Republic of Serbia authority.


    Nota bene

     Pricelist of services provided on personal patients` request:

    • those who do not have attending physician`s referral
    • those who do not have RSHCIF approval (only for persons living outside Belgrade)
    • uninsured persons
    • persons who are not citizens of the Republic of Serbia
    • services not covered by the RSHCIF

    Pricelist of services provided on personal patients` request

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    Services provided by the BTIS based on attending physicians referral

    Services provided by the BTIS according to the attending physician`s referral based on health care serices covered by the RSHCIF for Belgrade citizens and persons from other parts of Serbia Погледајте даље »  

    Working time of the Reception laboratory

    Reception of patients and samples fro blood group determination, Monday through Friday   from 8-16 hrs, Saturady from 10-14 hrs. For patients admitted by 10 h, results are available that same day.   Reception of patients for coagulation disorders investiogation , Monday ... Погледајте даље »